About Vaka

As of December 31st 2017 our seventy-five-year tradition and ‘family enterprise’ will end and the production of the Vaka Art Calendar will not be continued. We’d like to thank you very much for appreciating our work and being a loyal customer. We wish you all the best. 



Passed on from father to daughter to son, the Vaka name has been the guarantee for a very special art calendar for three generations. A calendar with a history.


Over seventy years ago, J.M. de Vries de Waal, journalist, copywriter and advertising designer introduced a new calendar with a completely original concept. A Dutch art calendar provided with a company imprint which can be sent all over the world as a business gift. It turned out to be a golden idea. The first Vaka Art Calendar was produced in 1947 and became an instant success.


When the founder’s daughter, M.E.J. van Iperen-de Vries took over the company in the sixties, Vaka Editions developed into a business operating internationally from branches in Amsterdam and Lucerne. Customers all over the world were supplied with art calendars which were produced in ever larger numbers. Competition increased in the nineteen-eighties when other companies discovered the success of this formula and as more promotional gifts came onto the market. Yet the Vaka Art Calendar continues to sustain its select niche market by upholding the core values of quality, exclusiveness and service.


In 1998 the daughter was succeeded by her son J.E. van Iperen. Under his management, Vaka Editions has developed internally by adding various new business activities. In 2008, the holding became a fully-fledged advertising agency: Sowieso Vaka, communication, creation and production. The tradition of the Vaka Art Calendar lives on under the name Vaka Editions. The art calendar which is in every respect unique, finds its way each year to hundreds of offices and board rooms throughout the world.